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What are Examples of Human Trafficking?


Answering the question of “What are Examples of Human Trafficking?”

We need to understand how this can happen to someone.  Adults and children can be prepare or trained; this is also called grooming; or persuaded; also known as coercion; to do an activity by using force or threats by someone controlling another person for money or profit.  There are situations of a trade where the trafficker or controller is trapping the other person by providing a place to live, food, and /or clothing; no matter how poor the living conditions or bad the food is; in exchange for the other person, the victim, to do these activities instead of paying rent or for the food or clothing. There is not a dollar amount of money attached to the things being provided and resulting in a no end in sight situation.

There are many examples of Human Trafficking.  The trafficker or controller uses the ways described above to lure the other person, which becomes the victim into doing the following examples:

Sex for Sale:

                    • Prostitution
                    • Pornography
                    • Sex Videos and/or Pictures
                    • Massages
                    • Strip Club Dancing
                    • Mail Order Brides
                    • Forced Marriage
                    • Child Marriage
                    • Wife/Husband Selling
                    • Sex Slavery

Entrapment through working as a Laborer:

                    • Farm or Agricultural Work
                    • Construction
                    • Manufacturing
                    • House Keeping
                    • Hotel Services such as a Maid
                    • Health or Elder Care Giver
                    • Hair or Nail Salon Worker
                    • Child Labor

Unfortunately, we are learning more cleaver ways the traffickers are using to controll and use other people; including forcing children to be soliders.

Please contact us if you or someone you know is in a situation like what is described above.