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Health: Our Mission

The mission of the Health Subcommittee is to improve the response in healthcare to human trafficking in San Diego County and beyond. We strive to create a cohesive culture of knowledge, mutual understanding, multidisciplinary collaboration and trauma-informed education for clinicians and health care facilities. 

Our goal is to equip health care facilities and front-line staff with the tools to provide appropriate, supportive measures and resources to trafficked persons in our community. We seek to provide relevant education and resources to support vulnerable populations. We disseminate consistent, survivor-informed and evidence-based information, as well as best practices to health care systems. We are growing future leaders and experts addressing human trafficking, enabling and reaching out to education programs to orient future clinicians on the realities of human trafficking.

Membership includes clinical and non-clinical healthcare workers including clinicians and directors, clinical students and faculty, community stakeholders:  including human trafficking survivors, LGBTQ+ community leaders, victim advocates, forensic nurse programs, family justice center, FBI

Meetings are held virtually on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 6pm.

Co-Chairs: Amy Sharpe & Bridget Stephenson

Health Subcommittee toolkit/welcome packet

Guidelines for working with Survivors

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