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Prosecution Subcommittee

The Prosecution Subcommittee consists of prosecutors with various backgrounds and experiences in human trafficking and child exploitation topics. 

This subcommittee focuses on supporting the Advisory Council by:

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of all law enforcement especially the San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force, prosecutors, and justice partners by increasing, updating, and standardizing comprehensive training on all aspects of human trafficking to advance the 4 P’s of combatting human trafficking: Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, and Partnerships.
  • Implementing effective strategies to increase victim identification and trauma-informed investigations
  • Partnering with schools and after school programs to protect students from exploitation and to educate instructors on intervention and prevention
  • Participating in a multi-disciplinary response team specific to the trafficking of minors
  • Developing and strengthening tools to address the demand side of human trafficking, recognizing that the demand drives the profit which fuels the crime.
  • Supporting education and diversion programs for victims/survivors and sex buyers.

All county and city prosecutors working in the field of human trafficking are included on this committee.

All members should attempt to attend every meeting. Recognizing that court appearances take precedence, it is understood that a member may not be able to make every meeting. However, to qualify to vote for leadership, members need to attend at least two meetings per year.

All votes of this subcommittee will be conducted by email or in person.  Nominations for chair and vice chair will be sent out no later than June 15 with the voting completed before the July Advisory Council meeting during the biennial election period for the Advisory Council as a whole.

The chair and vice chair shall serve for two-year terms. If the Chair or Vice-Chair is unable to complete his or her term, the subcommittee will elect a new Chair or Vice Chair as soon as possible to fill the vacant position for the remaining term.

Meetings are held every quarter, in person or virtually. The chair will conduct the meeting, schedule permitting. In the absence of the chair, the vice chair will conduct the meeting. If neither the chair nor the vice chair is available, the meeting can be chaired by another member or rescheduled to a more convenient time.

Co-Chairs: Carolyn Matzger & Jerrica Phillips

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