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Child and Family Well-Being

Child and Family Well-Being

The mission of County of San Diego Child and Family Well-Being is that every child grows up safe and nurtured. We are committed to delivering culturally competent, family-centered and child-focused protective services. This mission and commitment extend to the Child and Family Well-Being Subcommittee.

In 2015, CWS implemented its Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Program after the law was amended to clarify that a child, who is at risk of, or a victim of Commercial Sexual Exploitation may be served through the child welfare system as a victim of child abuse and neglect.

The Child and Family Well-Being Subcommittee, also known as the CSEC Steering Committee, formed to develop and implement the CSEC Interagency Protocol. The Committee is responsible for:

  • Providing ongoing oversight and support to identify and service CSEC and children/youth at risk of being CSEC
  • Providing input on how to utilize CSEC funding
  • Collecting and analyzing aggregate data related to the protocol
  • Assessing CSEC Resources in the County
  • Identifying training needs
  • Ensuring that cross county disciplines are working together
  • Providing an annual report to the State on the number of children served, services received, and gaps in resources for CSEC.

The CSEC Interagency Protocol fosters collaboration and coordination among agencies serving CSEC victims. The protocol:

  • Utilizes best practices to provide victim centered service delivery
  • Ensures trauma informed training to staff and community partners
  • Screens all youth ages 12 and up who come into contact with the agency for Commercial Sexual Exploitation
  • Ensures that each CSEC identified youth receives a multi- disciplinary team meeting to ensure proper victim services are being provided
  • Identifies CSEC liaisons in each CWS office to assist social workers who provide services for CSEC youth

The CSEC Steering Committee meets monthly and consists of representatives from Child and Family Well-Being, Probation, Public Health Services, Behavioral Health Services, and Juvenile Court, as well as Survivor Advocates, Tribal Partners, County Counsel, District Attorney’s Office, Law Enforcement’s Human Trafficking Task Force, Children’s Legal Services, Public Defender’s Office, and Community-Based Providers including San Diego Youth Services, Voices for Children, and Rady Children’s Hospital Chadwick Center. (Embed links to each agency’s website, if applicable)

Children and youth who have been sexually exploited have survived unspeakable trauma. An ongoing challenge they face is having a safe place to call home where they can recover and heal. To learn more about being a resource parent for youth in foster care, click here.

For more information about how to donate your time and/or items to our community-based providers serving CSEC, click here (link to Victim Services Subcommittee).

The Child and Family Well-Being Subcommittee meets the second Friday of the month from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. Meetings are currently held virtually.

Co-Chairs: Emily Harlan & Amanda Stephens

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